Fête nat

Le blog, c’est pas évident!! Je reviens après une petite absence, et pourtant je n’étais même pas en vacance. Mes petits fils sont une lourde occupation et j’essaie de les initier aux subtilités du commerce. Il va bien falloir que je tienne 20 ans de plus pour assurer la succession. Ils adorent déjà les couleurs d’été de Guzinni, les coquetiers surfers W.M.F… et les plumeaux de toutes sortes pour se courir les un après les autres.

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  1. Shanefed dit :

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  2. Junko dit :

    Is life pointless? Limited to those who make it thus

  3. Maddison dit :

    And the nature of super-powers is that they have influence beyond
    their borders (pretty much the definition of super-power).
    The history of nations often involves the history of other nations and their geography relative to neighbours.
    And the nature of super-powers is that they have influence beyond their borders (pretty much the definition of super-power).

  4. Dong dit :

    What’s the difference between the Tate Britain Gallery and the Tate Contemporary Gallery?

    Just to add… you can get a boat between the two. That’s
    what we did when we transpired for a skill trip.
    Went to Tate Britain initial (think about all
    the paintings of Uk monarchs etc and tapestries) after
    that we got the boat to Tate Contemporary (which is certainly on the far side of the river).
    Tate Modern really does what it says on… show more
    Tate Britain = aged fashioned « proper » art Tate Modern = modern artwork, aka the
    type of factor where people pay millions for a piece of biohazardous waste materials or an unmade bed.

  5. keywords dit :

    How much should I sell a large painting for? I painted a 33 x 47″ landscape, oil on canvas, in college, and have the opportunity to sell it. It’s not great quality but kind of aesthetically pleasing, took maybe 8-9 hours to paint. Not a lot of detail, not realistic. What’s a good price range estimate? $500 if you can get it. Negotiate down until they actually buy it off of you, if necessary.

  6. keywords dit :

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  8. Marvin dit :

    What is the best province in Canada? Have a
    look at Ontario. It’s bigger than Texas.
    (If you don’t believe me, check out a map)

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